Sunday, January 31, 2010

The beginning

Like any hobby taken too far, my cooking trials and tribulations have found their way in to the big wide world called the internet! Currently 16, I think I've developed quite a knack for cooking, farming and all things food related. Travelling to the grocers every Saturday morning since the age of 5 with my Mom seemed to strike a note. Now, the highlight of my week is going to the market and picking our vegetables and various cuts of meat. My daily joy is rolling up my sleeves and getting in the kitchen to create something new for dinner. Hands down, my favourite food moment was riding my rickety blue bike with fenders along a dirt path, back from the HiBerry Farm at my cottage. My basket threatened to topple over the bike, stuffed to the brim with wild beets, fresh berries, red leaf lettuce, beans, a sunflower, and a pike. That's probably when the cooking thing hit me!
I'm not quite sure where this will go... but one thing is for sure, I shall cook then post for you the stories and details behind some very tasty dishes. So here's to a beginning, however small it is.

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