Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So I'm off to the big city! A little post-exam break in Manhattan can't hurt right? The borough alone has more than 1,600,000 people, not including the thousands commuting, visiting or touring everyday!. With that number of people, you can bet there are a lot of places to eat. So naturally, the first on my list of to-do's when I arrive is dining out at a top-notch restaurant. Last year on the same date, my mother and I went to a quaint little 'Osteria Romana' named "Lupa" - one of Mario Batali's. Again, we are kicking off the trip with dinner at our favourite little place and will be dining at

Gordon Ramsay's "Maze" on the second day.
We have left the remainder of the trip open to explore all the foodie destinations that the city has to offer. We're hoping to travel into Brooklyn, I've heard there are AMAZING places to eat found in the nook and crannies across the bridge.
I'll be off the track on blogging for a few days. Though I can assure you when I return there will be a flood of stories and pictures sure to tickle your taste buds!
Till then...Happy Eating Everyone :D


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