Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's for Dinner? Root Vegetables, Broiled Salmon and Rapinni

Not a very complex dinner... but satisfying.

4 person dinner*
Slow roasted root vegetables: Red market potatoes & sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots and onions
I cooked them for just over an hour @ 450 degrees, with a drizzle of olive oil, s&p, and flipping often.
4 Fillets of Salmon with marinade made of: 2 tbs olive oil, s&p, Penzey's jerk seasoning to taste, 1 tbs lemon juice, 2 tsp toasted sesame oil, 2 tsp pure maple syrup, 3 tsp quality grainy mustard.
I cooked the broccoli rabe nice and slow for about 40 minutes, to avoid the bitterness. At the end, I threw in 2 pats of butter and some salt and pepper. (I usually only throw butter in at the end, considering it's such a luxurious ingredient I'd hate for all the flavour to be lost in the midst of the cooking. You can use less flavour wise if you put it in fresh at the finish. Unless your caramelizing onions... then use all the butter in the world!


  1. Did you enjoy Penzey's? I can spend A LOT of money there!

  2. You kidding? Mom had to drag me away!! I think we spent most of our money there!! The spices and flavourings were just so fresh and fragrant. I loved all of their pre-mixed combinations as well... I'm not one for "quick-pre-done-I'm too busy to..." but Pensey's combos are incredible! We even found a natural smoke flavour spice!