Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's for Dinner? Rooted Soup for a Chilly Day

Brrr! Cold outside! Looks like we had out own snowmagedon last night. My winter boots got their money's worth on the way home as I trampled uphill in two feet of snow! Obviously, soup was in order for dinner tonight.
We have a few winter squashes floating around the kitchen, and I felt like something classic.
Butternut squash! And I added 2 parsnips, 2 carrots, 4 small celery, potatoes w/ the skin.
I roasted them for a half hour in a 425 degree oven then transferred them to a pot and just covered them with water and chicken stock (50/50). 30 more minutes and I blended them, then added some milk (trust me, cream would have been in order, but we were all out) and s&p.
In my warm-up frenzy (which consisted of me hovering over over the boiling pot, convincing myself that the steam from root vegetables was in fact a good exfoliant,) I completely forgot to add onions and garlic.
Oh well! The soup was delicious anyways!

On top of the soup you'll see what look like 'pancakes'.
Well, I'll have you know - they're ricotta fritters. Quickly fried, a little crisp, and perfectly creamy to be broken up inside the soup. (The way you'd slurp mushy crackers from a broth.)

So now it's after 6pm and I'll officially warmed up. Watching the Olympics makes me think I should take up ski racing, though on second thought, that would mean no butter and spending time in the snow - which is the reason I cook with butter in the first place!

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