Monday, March 15, 2010

What's for Dinner? A Sushi Fest!

At our house, we do this about once a month. It's absolutely delicious, yet I seem to use up about every dish and cooking vessel in the house so I won't do it often.
Sashimi = very thinly sliced raw fish
Sushi = rice with raw fish wrapped in seaweed
I make a bunch of different dishes and then we set everything out on the table to pick and choose:
- Basic Sushi using raw tuna --> you can see here
- California Rolls
- Spicy fish rolls with carrot
- Cool short grain rice made with avocado --> similar to this one which I heard about after
- Sauteed tuna
- Steamed Broccoli
- Rice noodles with peanut sauce
- And Crispy Chicken (my compromise for Andrew's request for fried chicken).

Everyone receives their own little dish of soy sauce and par of chopsticks.
I love experimenting with this style of cooking. It allows me to use ingredients that would otherwise be buried away, like nori, rice noodles, and expensive cut of tuna/salmon and our best soy sauce.
I have much to learn when it comes to making authentic sushi, but I have fun regardless using my bamboo mat and seaweed and 'kikoshami' rice to make something that resembles the picture above. (You'll know which one)

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