Saturday, June 5, 2010

What's for Dessert? Apple/Berry Galette

Along with souflees, I have a bit of an obsession for pastries.
I shame my Italian heritage with my love for French technique.
I love all the fussing about in the kitchen to turn ordinary ingredients into exquisite masterpieces!
I'm not generalizing one cuisine to be fussy, just that I personally find French food more... delicate. Both have their places. Think the simplicity of Provincial France country-side food vs. the tedious cream-based sauces of Northern Italy. Or the hours of puff-pastry making for croissants vs. a speedy bowl of hardy penne served with good Parmesan.
Both do in fact, put all the emphasis on the ingredients - which I love!
It's about a few simple seasonal flavours that are enhanced, not hidden.
In my case, the abundance of apples (it's a year-round season here) left me thinking of new ways to showcase their marvelous ability to soften and sweeten. I was inspired by a peach galette in a cookbook, but I'm waiting for summer to bring me local peaches so I substituted the apples in place.
I garnished it all with some very non-local berries and cherries that I dredged in a quick sugar syrup. I couldn't resist the appeal of making it look like a perfect Parisian tart topped with glistening fruit - something right off of Marie Antoinette's dining cart!

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