Friday, July 9, 2010

Dinner in a Flash! Just 10 minutes!

Okay, here`s a minute by minute schedule of what I did.
Minute 1 - Coat striploins in sage and fresh thyme and olive oil and s&p... and if you`re Andrew, 3 slices of extra thick bacon - Geez!
2 - Put them in the oven at 425 degrees in a fat draining rack
3 - Heat sauté pan with butter and a tad of bacon fat and pour in about 3 cups of sliced Crimini mushrooms
4 - Let the mushrooms cook down, trim the asparagus and throw them in the mushroom pan
5 - Flip the steaks and thickly (that`s right - thickly) slice some nice olive bread (ours was kind of a cross between a brioche and a baguette, quite a heavy loaf) and grate some Gruyère on top after rubbing each slice with garlic and oil. Broil them with the steak in the oven.
6 - Sit and do nothing.
7 - Easiest dinner you ever made!
8 - Take the crostini out of the oven. Take the asparagus out of the mushroom pan, s&p them. Put a pat of butter in the mushroom pan. Add some garlic, cream, nutmeg, s&p and stir. Let it reduce.
9 - Take the meat out and let it rest.
10 - Assemble your plate. Meat down. Mushroom sauce over top. Asparagus. Crostini.

*The meat was from a farm in St. Mary, a town a few hours away. Good to know eh?

There was one happy dog tonight who got half a striploin for dinner.
She flaked-out pretty fast.
A dog her size can`t handle too much.


  1. That looks so delicious. I might try it for this weekend BBQ to diversify the meat items up a bit.

    I am going to bookmark your site.

    Excellent photos as well. Thanks.


  2. Hey! Glad to hear that some of my ideas are being put to good use - you know... not just taking up space in the void of this blogging universe.
    I have been officially bookmarked!