Monday, July 12, 2010

Sauce Tartar - A Revelation!

The store bought stuff that is gelatinous in texture, a murky white and a disgrace to good sauce making, may by no means, be called a true tartar sauce.
You must honour yourself, even if just once by making it from scratch.
The real stuff is thick, and creamy, tangy, delicate in flavour, and does not "dollop" on your fish, rather runs down the sides.
The difference between sauce tartar and mayonnaise is that mayonnaise is based off of liquid egg yolks, while tartar - cooked/hard boiled egg yolks.
An egg yolk has the mysterious ability to hold oils or any fats in a creamy suspension. By whipping the yolks like a maniac (so as to prevent the two ingredients separating) you can turn a sunny egg yolk and any oil into a white goo, open to flavourings.
The trick is this: Each egg yolk has the ability to suspend 3/4 of a cup of oil (amazing eh!?) BUT NO MORE! You have to add it drop by drop to make sure they combine, whisking frantically in between, then adding larger amounts of oil as you see it finally coming together. If you exceed the 3/4 cup allowance you will end up with a layer of oil hanging around on top and some murky eggs below.

Let's begin!
P.S. I did a cross between a mayonnaise and a tartar, just to see if it would work.

1. Mash up the egg yolks with 1/2 tbs of French mustard until smooth.
2. Pour in no more than 1-2 tsp of oil at a time, whisking during and in between. Make sure the sauce is thick again before adding more oil. Do this until you have added all 3/4 cup of the oil.
3. Add in your flavourings. For tartar sauce use: tbs minced capers, dash of white vinegar, salt, 3 tsp minced pickle, cayenne if you like.

See! Not to difficult. A little finicky, but well worth the spectacular results!

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