Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's for Dessert? Homemade Cherry/Thyme Ice Cream with Oversized Tullie

I have been so inspired by the spices that we have been bringing home from our CSA at Fertile Grounds that I have been finding new ways to incorporate them into cooking. For the ice cream, I started by making a sugar syrup, and before letting it caramelize I added a handful of pitted cherries and let them soften. Once 'jam-like' I poured in 18% table cream. On a regular day I would have used 35% whipping cream for a silkier texture, but the 30 degree whether convinced me that an 'iceier' ice cream would go better. I threw in a vanilla bean with its seeds, a big spring of lemony thyme and let it simmer for 10 minutes. The contents went into a big metal bowl and I placed it in the freezer. For the next 6 hours I stirred it every 1/2 hour to break up any ice crystals forming around the edge. Then I served it with a pretty little fake-cookie curl made with egg whites and flour and sugar. (Tasted like a fortune cookie.)Buckwheat Honey was drizzled over top.
* Homemade ice cream always melts faster than store-bought so serve immediately.


  1. Claire,
    My mouth is watering. I think I'll have to make this with my girls! I never would have found you if Angie hadn't mentioned your blog - but I'll be back for more! The few posts I've read so far have been very inspiring. :)
    p.s. I have beehives at Angie's farm, that's one of my connections with her.

  2. Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for reading :) I have heard so much about the beehives but I have not yet had a chance to see them. Next time I am at the farm I will ask for a peek.
    Do you have a share in the farm as well?

  3. Claire this ice cream looks delicious!And I love how you accessorize your meals!( if that makes any sense):)

  4. Thanks Jessica!
    I appreciate it.
    I totally understand what you mean.
    You eat with your eyes first right!?