Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's for Dinner? Bean/Vegetable Terrine with Sweet Pepper Sauce, Baby Beets and Silky Cabbage

What I love about this one is that virtually everything was from our CSA w/ Fertile Grounds. All the vegetables were so fresh in their flavour. Their colours were vivid and they helped me realize that summer is indeed here. (Whenever the beets are harvested... you know the weather is sunny).
Terrines are traditionally a pate or fancy meatloaf baked in an earthenware casserole, but I kind of fakes this one and just used a puree of white beans and fresh herbs in one layer, flash-grilled zucchini in the next, and then a vegetables in the last layer. I refrigerated it in saran wrapped ramekin molds, then un-molded it 45 minutes later.
The cabbage was just done up in the oven with butter and EV olive oil and seasoned to taste.
A nice light veggie dinner for a hot day!


  1. Are you a chef?? Your meals and pictures are all magazine quality! Very professional.


  2. No. I am not a chef. I only just turned 16 :)
    Thank you though! I am very flattered.