Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's for Dinner? Bone-In Breast of Chicken, "Candy-Beets," Roast Carrots, Homemade Coleslaw

First of all.... ARGH! My foodie camera took its final breath two nights ago. Ironically, it died on the beach, taking a picture of a hollowed out wheel of grainy bread with artichoke and asiago dip inside. For this picture I used the faulty fam camera.

The Bone-In Chicken Breasts were trimmed of fat, had their skins pulled back (but not removed) and had garlic, grainy mustard, oil, s&p, and a sprig of thyme stuffed under the skin. I tossed in some round-sliced onions to flavour the fat that would come off during cooking. They were roasted on the top rack of a 425 oven for about 25-30 minutes. In my belief that it is sacrilegious to overcook chicken, I made sure to check on it now and again to prevent dry meat.

The beets were so sweet as it was, so I just tossed them in EVOO and a tad of salt and roasted them in the hot oven for about 45 minutes. They tasted like candy when I bit into them. Succulent and sweet and chewy, with a nice little handle of the attached greens that I left on when peeling.

The carrots were also from the farm and were brought home in a bunch of purple, orange and yellow. They made me happy just looking at them. Really. I woke up this morning, opened the fridge to grab my market blueberries (YUM!) and there they were... THE COLORFUL CARROTS! I am sad that I ate them now, because nothing can make me smile in the morning, other than colourful carrots. I roasted them the same way as the beets and they were delightful and sweet.

The coleslaw was one of the best I ever made! I used a good quality tbs of mayonnaise and fresh lemon juice, and a tbs of local honey. I tossed in some finely sliced green Ontario cabbage and purple basil (a stand-in for the lack of radicchio). I used a round cookie cutter to shape the mound of coleslaw which (sadly) is hard to see in this picture.

I'll work on the camera situation, and you work on some summer cooking ideas to give me :)


  1. Do you cook for the whole family?? Your parents must be very proud of you. I know I would be if my kid is cooking these meals for me!

    Beautiful easy meals with lots of interesting infos. I love your cooking site.

    Congrats on your 100th post. Pretty darn achievement for a 16 year old. Most other Generation Y teenagers can't even open a tuna can. :)


  2. Hey there :)
    Thanks so much! And indeed, I do cook every night for the family. It's a pretty good deal actually - I always get to eat what I want, I get to practice and perfect my hobbie and I don't have to clean up!
    I wish people my age found more joy in cooking REAL food, but that's just not the case. They will eat proper food and packaged food alike, and don't see the difference.
    I would love to change that!