Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's for Dinner? Luscious Broccoli Soup with Mushroom Crescents for Dunking

The soup was very simply done to keep effort and time to a minimum. Really, while the dunkers were rising as well as in the oven, that was time to myself. ...Though of course, I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, so I'll spend that half 40 minutes or so, hovering over the stove or looking through cookbooks. Basically, I browned 1 large, sweet onion, 1 spring turnip, and a clove of garlic. (All from the farm). Towards the end of browning, I threw in some fresh thyme and seasonings (also from the farm). I poured in some chicken stock to deglaze the pan (that's right! scrape-up all those yummy golden bits off the bottom of the pan!!) and put 2 heads of chopped broccoli. I also threw in a bay leaf and some lemon zest for good measure. I let this cook for 20 minutes until everything was more than ready to be blended. Using my handy-dandy immersion blender, I creamed everything to a thick paste, then added about a cup and a half of milk. Seasoned to taste and YUM! Garnish with green and purple basil and Greek yogurt.

For the mushroom dunkers, I made a standard pizza dough (see step by step pictures) and stuffed little rounds with a combination of onions, mushrooms, basil, thyme, asiago cheese and seasonings. I baked them like a stuffed pizza (because who are we kidding? that's basically what it is...)


  1. Hi Clair,
    Angie nudged me towards your blog from hers. Very impressive! And inspiring. Thanks for sharing your love of food.

  2. Great recipes with clear instructions. Thanks Claire.

  3. Hey both,
    Thanks for the compliments!
    I hope to share many more food ideas... all inspired by Angie's wonderful produce that she so diligently delivers on every week :D
    I would love if people shared their ideas as well, so I could make them, take a picture and see what you think!