Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's for Dinner? Ontarian White Fish w/ Beurre Blanc, Roasted Turnips and Parsnips, Layered Zucchini and Chard

The fish was bought whole, then I gutted, de-boned and scaled the little monster. (See pictures). He was dressed with a paste of local garlic and dill, s&p, olive oil and lemon. He was cooked in a flash in the oven at a high temperature to keep moist.

I used the last of the seasons turnips and roasted them with parsnips for sweetness.

Cooked zucchini was layered with cut-out rounds of cooked swiss chard and broiled in the oven.

* Minus the olive oil and seasonings... everything was local! Whoot!


  1. Hey Claire,

    Can I do the same with Rainbow trouts?
    Any suggestions?


  2. Hi Vic :D
    Yes, in fact all last summer I went through a rainbow trout phase. They are abundant in Lake Huron (around our cottage) so I made one every week, once even twice a week!
    This method would be delightful with rainbow trouts because they are still quite a delicate fish with a flaky flesh. They do hold together (which is great) better than white fish so you can try many more stuffings without fear that it will fall apart in your hands.
    - Sorrel and roasted garlic
    - Fennel and lemon
    - Roasted pear and thyme
    - Cooked with s&p then drizzled with a bechemel sauce open face (flesh to the broiler) and done until golden and bubbly!

    Can't wait to hear how it goes,