Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's for Dinner? Warm Spring Salad with Plump Shrimp and Tangy Dressing

Salad: Spinach, sliced 'French-breakfast' radishes *see note below, grated spring turnips, green onions, (all from farm), chunked roasted acorn squash (not exactly spring-ish, but a nice edition), fancy corn, greenhouse peppers. The ingredients from the farm were tossed together with the dressing then the other ingredients were added into the bowl and tossed lightly - so as to not acquire too much tanginess.

* This is what I have collected on the French Breakfast Radish: Also known as a 'flambo' radish. Longer in shape than regular radishes and typically milder in taste the winter varieties. It has a crisp texture making it ideal for salads and hors d'oeuvre garnishes. It is high in beta carotene and has been eaten for thousands of years. It's funny name 'supposedly' derived from what the title actually states - young French children would be fed these little radishes for breakfast, after they had been boiled and possibly served with melted butter for dipping... apparently.

Tangy Dressing: 3 parts EV Olive Oil, 1 part apple cider vinegar, 1 part maple syrup, 1 part authentic grainy digon mustard, s&p.

The final mound of salad received an extra drizzle of dressing and a tropical squeeze of lime.

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