Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Caught a Snag

About 4 times yesterday I thought I might have caught a fish.... but nope.... just a snag!

That makes the total count for fish I have caught in my lifetime......2. 
Once a 7 inch something (I can't remember the name, because unless I can eat it, I won't remember), and the other time a tasty pike with a pointy face. 

I'll keep trying for the remainder of the week, but if I don't catch something, you can be assured that I will attach a lobster from the supermarket to the end of my rod so that passers by can admire my 'fishing-skills' and only later realize that lobsters don't swim in fresh water. 

The water was pretty choppy so I'll use that as my excuse for coming home empty-handed. There was nothing in my bike basket except a knife (for gutting), a towl, scissors and some spare lures. 

* I would really love to catch a bass because they make for tasty eating, but I'll take anything at this point. 


  1. Or you can go to a fish farm and catch 10 fishes in 2 minutes. :)

    That's what I do since I am Fishing Challenged.


  2. Haha! Yes of course!
    I have considered that option, and I have an outstanding offer from one of my mom's friends to take me to a nearby pond.
    *Cough... correction 'stocked' pond.