Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Photos from My Travels

1. Espresso at Aunt Rosa's
2. Filled Doughnut
3. Table set for lunch
4. You'll always find that bread at lunch and dinner! It's a staple.
5. Antipasto of melon, prosciutto and fresh buffalo mozzarella made the day before in town.
6. Look at that texture!!
7. I could only finish so much of my pasta! There was so much! And I was so full!
8. Of course Jesus would watch over us as we eat. Classic in the dining room.
9. Simple dinner of Pizza a town away. Eat whole and thin crust.
10. The best lemon water made with Amalfi lemons from the farms on the coast

11. Oily Salami - YUM!
12. Caprese sandwiched drenched on the inside with EV Olive Oil
13. Linguine with fresh and local mussels in Positano
14. Panna Cotta for dessert!
15. Just to set the scene.....
16 & 18. In a day trip to Amalfi we went to the fish market and saw local swordfish being cut
17. Beautiful local nectarines and peaches
19. Local chili peppers sold by the hanging bunch

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