Saturday, August 28, 2010

Photos from my Travels

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1. Garlic Toast and Champaign to celebrate our first night in Rome
2. Antipasto platter at dinner
3. Good Wine
4. Roman Tagliatelle with spicy sausage and mushrooms
5 & 6. Gelato
7. Hanging legs of Prosciutto in a local deli
8. Beautiful Parmesan, rocket and seared beef salad for lunch
9. Water from the water fountain at the Vatican. Hehe. 'Liquid Forgiveness' as Andrew put it.
10. Beef Consommé as a starter @ dinner
11. Heap of Antipasto
12. A classic example of a fish 'secondi' - breaded fish cooked in a rich broth served with potatoes and a white wine reduction
13. Classic Italian Crusty Bread
14. The best tiramisu!
15. Limoncello made by the owners of the restaurant as a special treat for his favourite Canadians!
16. We 'celebrated' a lot!
17. Cannoli at my great-aunt Rosa's house in Mignano.

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