Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's for Dessert? Custard Fruit Pie

The sugar crust shell was difficult to roll but had a nice crispy texture.
The custard filling was a crème pâtissière which is like a regular crème anglaise, but has the addition of a thickener, (either flour or cornstarch) a fail-proof method of preventing the eggs from scrambling and the milk from curdling. Because of this, it is much thicker and therefore better suited to filling tarts or pastries, rather than being used as a topping or sauce.
I cut the richness of the filling with a tangy fruit topping: Rhubarb, Peaches and Cherries in a simple syrup.
I let everything (including the crust) cool, than assembled. *I brushed the empty tart shell with a layer of cherry preserve to create a water-proof shield from the proceeding layers.
*I left the fruit topping slightly more tangy than most would be comfortable. This is important. Less sugar is a good thing because in combination with the filling and the sugar crust, it is just right.

I was very happy with this dessert because the flavours were perfectly balanced and the filling had a hint of 'creme-brulee'.

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