Monday, August 2, 2010

What's for Lunch? Cod Quenelles Garnished with Sweet Corn & Paprika, First Harvest Green Beans and Simple Potato Salad

A quenelle is mixture of creamed fish, chicken, or meat, (sometimes there are breadcrumbs), with a pâte à choux(roux + egg) binding it together. It is usually poached. Formerly, quenelles were used as a garnish in haute cuisine but today we see them more and more served on their own.

Don't take mine as a serious example because they turned out dreadful. It must have been something to do with the heat and the humidity at the cottage, because despite my efforts to follow the recipe exactly, they turned out more like the consistency of a poached egg rather than like a fluffy/savory beignet.

Potato salad made with new potatoes and a homemade mayonnaise using olive oil. Purple and green basil was added for colour.

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