Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Voted...

This is our second blog poll of the summer. I asked you which of your favourite vegetable dishes were best suited to the summer.
And the winning dish.....CORN ON THE COB!
Okay. So that wasn't really a tough one to guess. But it gave me an excuse to ride my bike to the farm and pick up some fresh-picked corn and then cook it and slather it in butter, salt and pepper.
I have wanted to try so many different dressing/spices for corn on the cob, but when faced with the perfect sweet cob I get no more than twice per year, it seems sacrilegious to coat it in anything more than butter and s&p.
Now, if I was Bobby Flay, and had abundant, sweet corn at my hands, every day of the could be sure that I would be grilling off corn tamales and hundreds of variations!
Good corn is a treat, so when it's in season, stock up and enjoy! If you're ambitious, you should freeze or can it for those frosty winter months when fresh fruit and veg seem too far away.

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