Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Voted...

This weeks poll was on the best Summer herb to use in the kitchen.
Was it thyme? basil? sorrel? or summer savory?
All of them have their own unique flavour that accompany different dishes, but you voted your favourite as basil!!
Be it purple basil, classic green, lime basil, lemon basil, etc.
Basil has a wonderful, fresh, crisp flavour that is as good tossed with salads, in nutty pestos, pasta fagioli, as accompanying meat, fish and other savory dishes. 
One of my favourite summer salads is tossing julienned basil leaves with cubed watermelon and drizzling over your BEST extra virgin olive oil and coarse sea salt. Delicious!

*REMEMBER TO VOTE on this week's poll (found in the top right corner of this web page) and I'll include the winner in a write-up or a recipe.

**I'm leaving for Italy so I'll be out of commission for a little while. Check back soon for updates on our European adventure!!


  1. Hey Claire,

    Did you know that the Indians worship the Purple Basil(Thulasi) at temples and homes?

    Purple basil will be planted and the area is kept clean. You can only get closer to pray after taking a shower and no meat can be taken close to it.

    But in Canada it makes for good eatin ;)

  2. Hey Jay!
    Thanks for that neat fact! I had no idea.
    I love hearing about how sacred food\plants are treated in other countries.
    I right this from Italy...where food is practically religious!
    Good eatin' indeed.

    ~Claire M.

  3. mmmmm....Italy.....mmmm...

    Please bring back some delicious easy to cook recipes from the Pizzaland.