Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guess Who I Met?

My mom was MC'ing an "Inspiring Women Conference" and there were a few key-note speakers present. One of which, was enough to convince me to boycott school and join my mom at work.
She interviewed a few lady's that day: Naomi Judd (who appeared on Oprah a few days earlier), Kathy Jones (from "This Hour Has 22 Minutes") and ANNA OLSON!
You can probably tell who, for me, was the big draw!
All three of the interviews, as well as the event itself ran wonderfully!
I can say that Anna was as charming in person as she is on tv. We talked for a bit about Local Cuisine and this time of year being the magical blend of summer and fall flavours, then she told me what I could do with my over-ripe, sicilian eggplants from my CSA. If you're wondering, she said she had too many eggplants as well, and she made a delightful Moussaka.
Her speech was wonderful (see a portion of it in the video, when it will finally co-operate and upload!!), and I even got a photo.
Of course, there was Naomi Judd as well. She was genuine and warm and funny, and though she might not have much to do with my food blog, I posted that picture as well, because she was "Just So Darn Cute" as I heard her say once. On a side note: she is the best person I know at recalling names (even at age 64) after having just met someone.

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