Friday, September 17, 2010

Holy Beans!!

My mother had the clever idea to smuggle back a few Italian Romano beans from a market in Genoa, Italy.
We attempted to buy them, but the lady just gave us a handful of her best picks, smiled at us Canadians and sent us on our way. How's that for generosity? She was so delighted that we wanted to plant the beans from her garden, that no Euros were involved.
I planted them a week and a half ago, (and am planning on keeping them inside our sun-room over the winter) and look how they shot-up!!
They're slowing down in growth a bit now, and all of this is sort of an experiment. It is unlikely that we will have a good yield, but I am hoping to receive just a few beans that I can use next year to plant a proper crop. This is really just to keep the bean-life going and prevent rotting.
I'll keep you posted on the bean plant's progress.

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