Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making Beef Stock

Now many of you make think this is strange, but as a person who loves wholesome food, I'll take home the best ingredients wherever I can find them.
I am babysitting for a lovely family every Thursday and they not only have a plentiful garden on beets, carrots, tomatoes, veggies and herbs, but they have done something I have been looking into for months now - buying a share in a grass-fed cow! They received all parts of this cow purchased from a farm just 15 minutes from the city. How's that for local? Proper cuts of meat are at the ready: roasts, chuck, brisket, you name it!
I took home some soup bones of this cow, along with veggies and made everything into a rich beef stock.
The first picture looks a little disturbing, but that what gets everything to taste good! It's all that bone, fat, connective tissue and bone marrow that adds the flavour! I pretty much threw every over-ripe vegetable and herb into that pot, and boiled it vigorously for a few hours, then simmered it for another 6-7 hours. I'll be using it for something later in the week. Stay tuned!

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