Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What's for Dinner? 100-Mile Autumn Stew

Everything in this hearty stew was sourced from within 100 miles, except the seasonings.
Because I wouldn't use olive oil I found a wonderful substitute!! Bacon fat! I bought a cheap bag of "bacon-ends" from a Mennonite at the market and crisped them in a pan until the fat was reserved and I had a few lardons for garnish at the end. I sauteed some onions, leeks and carrots (all from the farm), as well as fenugreek seeds, a bit of curry (trust me...), and allspice, then deglazed with the stock I made the other day http://cooking-with-claire.blogspot.com/2010/09/making-beef-stock.html The stock was made from beef soup bones and the flavour of the bone marrow was delightful!
Once the stock began to reduce at a vigorous boil, I added the potatoes and yellow beets to cook. Let that simmer for 30 minutes with no lid (to reduce the stock). During the simmer, in a separate pan, I sauteed the pieces of meat in batches to develop a crispy crust on each. I used a cut-up sirloin from the market. After the 30 minutes was up, I added some diced yellow beans, dinosaur kale and the beef. By this point, the stock has reduced by half and the flavour intensified. I added the correct seasonings.
The stew was a hearty blend of fall vegetables, tender meat and an earthy broth that hinted towards autumn flavours (think allspice, cinnamon and curries).
And all of it was made in the trustee CROCKPOT.

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