Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's for Dinner? Egg/Cheese Quiche with a Phyllo Crust, Zucchini Ribbons, Baby Potatoes

The quiche was made with eggs from the farm, sharp cheddar, ricotta cheese, steamed vegetables, minced herbs, garlic and topped with Roquefort Cheese and bread crumbs. Why do I think of Mrs. Beaver from the sitcom when I make this? It's the same for meat-loaf, or roast beef, or grilled cheese... no matter how gourmet I make each of those items!
The crust on the quiche was layers of Phyllo dough with melted butter brushed between for flakiness.
The zucchini was 'vegetable-peeled' then grilled and seasoned.
More potatoes...

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