Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's for Dinner? Local Sirloin of Beef, Crispy Potatoes, Shitaki Cream Sauce and Beans

It's not often that I'll make a large chunk of meat like this. Something just strikes me as quite gluttonous and over-indulgent about it, but I did say 'not often' meaning 'once in a while...'
The sirloin was coated in salt/pepper/fresh sage/EVOO and broiled in the oven on each side until medium-rare with a nice crust.
The potatoes were given to me from a friend at the market on Saturday. He was helping Angie and I out at the stall, and was selling some of his gourmet, home-grown, specialty potatoes, like fingerings. After he explained the hardships of producing a healthy, profitable crop, I have new appreciation for the little guys!
The sauce was made by saute-ing minced onions, shallots and garlic, then deglazing with pan with white wine, beef stock and a bit of water. I let that reduce and threw a bay leaf and some sliced shitaki mushrooms to steam. I removed the mushrooms once they were done and added some whipping cream, salt, pepper, and fresh parsley.
Slice the meat, place beside potatoes, top with mushrooms and the sauce and some lightly steamed market beans!


  1. Hi Claire,

    I can see that you got your good camera back. How do I know?? The drool hanging around my lips!

    Is there a reason for removing the shitake mushroom from the sauce? Aesthetics?


  2. Hey Vic!
    I didn't actually get the good camera back, I googled it and found that there was a recall for my Olympus camera edition, but I was past the warranty. How's that for technology!? I tell you.. everything these days is disposable!
    My dad thought I should get a new little cannon camera since I used my old one everyday. We checked consumer reports and ended up with this one.

    Re: the mushrooms. I removed them after they had been infused with the stock so I could prop them next to the meat. I mostly did this only so I could whisk in the cream toward the end without breaking them up, and having them catch on the metal wires. (I was working in a small pan for that one).

  3. Hi Claire,

    Thanks for the Mushroom explanation. I made some shitaki peppercorn source for the t bone steaks and left it in there.

    After seeing your post, I got worried that maybe I should've taken it out. :)


  4. No worries :)
    These little things are just to my preference.