Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's for Dinner? Moussaka

It includes many of the seasonal vegetables being harvested, and it is cozy comfort food.
Essentially, you layer slices of cooked potato, zucchini, a scrumptious onion/ground meat/tomatoe sauce seasoned with oregano and allspice and mint and red wine, roasted eggplant and then a bechemel sauce.
This took a little assembly, but the results were well worth it!
This dish is classically made with ground lamb, but I used beef because I was given a wonderful pound of top quality (about 60% lean) ground round from a friend to try. It was purchased as a 'share' of a grass-fed cow, and I was blown-away by the difference in
taste than that of 'standard' ground meat.
* One of those dishes that doesn't look fantastic in the picture, nor are the many layers of the dish evident, but the taste was a 10!
** This is the dish Anna O. recommended I make with the many eggplants we keep getting from out CSA.


  1. Hi Claire,

    We are developing our blog www.eelamnaturalfoods.info and we are planning on adding lings to recipes, mentors and orgs who promote local and ecological farming.

    Can we provide a link on our blog under Local Food recipes?

    You would be the only link under it.


  2. Absolutely!
    Please do!
    And I'll link you from my blog as well.