Friday, September 3, 2010

What's for Dinner? Ocean Perch, Market Beans, Baby Potatoes, Roasted Tomatoes


Do you know why I love Friday!? Because it's CSA pickup!!
It's like a mini-Christmas every week.
Anybody belonging to a CSA knows what I'm talking about here...
You pull up to the farm, and on a table is the most glorious eggplant you ever did see!
Succulent fish in a savory crust with flat-leaf parsley from the farm.
Soft, oily and salty baby potatoes with fresh marjoram from the farm.
Sweet and juicy, slow roasted tomatoes (unfortunately not from the farm because the farm tomatoes succumbed to blite, so I used Ontario tomatoes).
Farm-fresh and suprisingly 'meaty' beans, steamed just as they are.
A salad of: tangy sorrel, green leaf lettuce, baby tomatoes (all from the farm) and Ontario peaches. Dressing of: EVOO, Apple cider vinegar, Danish Blue Cheese and Chili.

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