Friday, September 24, 2010

What's for Dinner? Perch baked on a bed of Ratatouille and Tender Beets

The ratatouille was made by first browning a few Rosa Bianca eggplants as well as summer squash. I let them sit in some simmering, homemade rustic tomato sauce to soften, then I transfered everything to a casserole dish and lit it cook. Meanwhile, I boiled the beats, then shocked them in cold water, peeled and quartered, then roasted them. In the last 8 minutes, I prepped the perch and let it cook atop the bubbling ratatouille, resting on the vegetables. Everything was seasoned properly, as served with a little thyme infused garlic oil.


  1. My cottage neighbor is a trout farmer and I got access to lots of "free" rainbow trouts.

    I should try this recipe. I will keep you posted on my results.

    Question: What is the best way to keep the fish from falling apart while cooking? It always frustrates me.

  2. How lucky are you!? Free trout!! I would be in heaven.
    Do keep me posted, I would love to hear how it goes :)
    Types of fish really vary how it will fall apart. A loin of fresh Tuna or Salmon are quite sturdy in flesh so they will rarely break, but white fish (think trout, pike, cod, tilapia, perch, etc) are a bit more tricky. If I buy them already filleted, that saves a lot of grief, but if I buy them whole, I cut out the spine, de-bone them, then, will either cut them into portions before I start and pan fry them in a hot pan (no sticking that way!!) or will tie the whole bundle of fish with twine and roast it whole.
    * Cooking it on top of this dish was easy because I didn't have to touch it the entire time.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I will try to slightly fry the fish before cooking. I make lots of curries and the fresh water fish just melts in the curry kulampu(gravy).