Friday, October 29, 2010

A Little Upgrading

You might have noticed that I added a few features to the blog.

1. The slideshow in the top right corner of the page will feature a collection of all my previous dishes ever made! (Not all of which I'm proud of) I think it adds a nice bit of history to patrons and newcomers alike!

2. The 'food-word-index' is what I'm most excited about. I spent a few hours on the weekend 'labeling' all my previous posts with things like "eggs" "beets" "soup" "dessert" "berries" "chicken" etc... to help you find an idea for dinner... really whatever you want! The point is that the site is now better organized and there is a search index. You can find this feature on the bottom right of the side-bar, under "blogs I follow." As a person who likes organization (hope mom isn't reading this, for she will disagree profusely) it's about time the blog got a good scrubby-dub clean.

Enjoy the new features :) Remember to vote in this week's poll - "What's your favourite fall ingredient?"

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