Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An Anti-Climactic 200th Blog Post

Argh! I am so angry at myself!
I used some of the most photogenic ingredients for tonight's dinner (wild mushrooms, oxtail, chicken consommé, gorgeous vegetables...) and I left my camera at work in my bag.
I bought all these special ingredients for this special anniversary meal, spent 4 hours braising everything, plating, garnishing, and for the first time since I started this almost a year ago, was unable to take a picture.
That's a lie actually. I took one, small, crummy snapshot with my webcam, in a desperate attempt to capture the moment. But it does, in no way serve the dish justice.
I would rather leave you with the beautiful image - of a glorious, steaming stew, strewn with melt-in-your mouth, shredded pieces of oxtail and steamy root-veg, chunks of roasted acorn squash - all in your mind.
I'll attach the crappy picture as proof that I made it.
Only now did I realize that you could potential think I was lying.

All will be better again soon my friends!

1 comment:

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