Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CWC is going to the Dominican Republic

In 3 days I will be departing for Consuelo, near Santa Domingo in the DR.
We will be landing in the glossy resort town of Punta-Cana then driving a few hours into the actual country, where no tourists venture. This is a part of a school mission trip, titled "Dominican Encounter with Faith and Hospitality."
We will be visiting "batays" - poor mill towns, heavily reliant on previous sugar mills for jobs - where present, unemployed life has been described as "stagnant, empty and a new concept for Western eyes."
After months of fundraising, overtime at work and prep-meetings, I am excited to finally get-on with the trip!
Myself and my friend will be taking a camera down south to record our experience as part of a film-festival contest in our school board.
I will try to post some of this video for context, for the food pictures I'll be snapping, of course!
Our host families will primarily be feeding us rice and beans and the occasional tropical fruit or plantain.
I'll try my best to get to a proper market, but it is important that we only drink safe water and eat safe foods. "Safe" referring to such food that have been cooked without contaminated water that could potentially lead to Hepatitis infections.
Beyond obvious risk, I am looking forward to a great trip and a colourful cuisine.
This will be the last blog post for about a week.
Talk soon everyone.
Keep cookin' !!

**Oh, and on a side note... RICE was the poll winner this week. As the main diet-staple in the DR, you can be assured, my host mother will most definitely give it the royal treatment! What a wonderful coincidence.


  1. You'll have a wonderful time in the Dominican Republic. Its a great place to visit.

  2. Thanks Spencer :)
    I'm really looking forward to it!
    I heard the people are extremely nice and very hospitable.