Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's for Dinner? Creamy Mushroom and Sausage Stroganoff atop Egg Noodles

  • 1 package of egg noodles
  • About 3 cups of sliced crimini mushrooms
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 1 tbs minced garlic
  • olive oil
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 4 quality sausages (best unflavoured)
  • 4 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup broth of any meat
  • 1/2 cup tomato puree
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1/2 cup of chopped flat-leaf parsley
  • salt and black pepper to taste

  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Cook egg noodles in boiling water until done, about 8 minutes. Drain.
  2. Boil the sausages (this ensures even cooking) then fry them in a pan with a little olive oil.
  3. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce. In a large skillet, fry onions in butter until translucent. Add the garlic and cook a minute more. De-glaze any crispy bottom bits with the stock then add the flour. Cook until thickened. Then add the tomato puree. Stir well. Add the mushrooms and cover with a lid to trap any evaporating liquid (you will need this for the volume of sauce necessary to serve 4 people). Stir in the sour cream on a low heat (do not simmer or boil). Slice the sausages and add them to the sauce. Add in half of the fresh parsley and reserve the rest for garnishing. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. *How I serve this: Strain the sauce over a sieve into the pot holding the drained noodles. Allow the creamy liquid to drip into the pasta. Mix the noodles and then serve in each dish. Add a scoop of the sausage/mushroom mixture and garnish with lots of pepper, evoo and the remaining parsley.


  1. It looks really delicious. I came across your site from the foodieblogroll and I'd love to guide Foodista readers to your site if you won't mind.Just add your choice of mushroom widget to this post and it's all set, Thanks!

  2. Hi Alisa,
    I'd love to be on Foodista.
    What do you mean by 'mushroom widget?'