Sunday, December 19, 2010

Checkerboard Icebox Cookies

I made these a few days ago in hospitality class with the help of my teacher. I have always thought that checkerboard cookies were too much effort for the final result (and rather ordinary taste) they provided. That being said, with the time and the resources to attempt them in class, I was surprised and delighted with the final result. Once the bulk of the effort in making the dough was finished, we were cranking out cookies like nobody's business! A few days of mixing, rolling, layering and cutting gave me neat little rectangles that store in the fridge or freezer. To finish, I only required a knife to slice and place cookies on the baking sheet. The beauty of these are (as the name suggests) that you can keep them in your "ice-box" and cut them to bake fresh as you need them. That means fresh baked cookies whenever Christmas company arrives. We think that these are better when they are warm and still have a bit of chew, rather than waiting a few minutes until they cool and dry out.
**Highly recommended

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