Sunday, December 5, 2010

A New Tradition in the Works...

So how's about you gather around 3-4 of your best buddies and pick a weekend leading up to Christmas... and just go nuts with baking in the kitchen?

Just today I did this with my godmother Louise and her daughter in-law, Laura. We had a blast!
We made: Mexican Shortbread with Cayenne Pepper and Raw sugar, Sugar Cookies, Martha's Shortbread, Sicilian Fig and Wine Cookies with Clementine Glaze and Orange Almond Bites. We PROUDLY used over 2 pounds of butter. A day well spent in my opinion.

** OH! And I also, FINALLY got a chance to visit McEwan Fine Foods in the Dawn Mills plaza. As we were only visiting Laura right around the corner, why not pick something up for lunch?You might recall that I had the chance to sit beside Mark for a lovely dinner at Nick and Nat's a few months back. I heard so much about the store, as he was so passionate about the finished product. And boy, what a store! The mark of quality was superb! The fish counter alone was enough to make me cry. (Metaphorically, not for real...) Over 70% of the cheeses are made within Ontario or Canada, and words of truth - I tasted the best cheese in the world this afternoon. Literally! This exceptional goat cheese beat out 4,800 other cheeses in the world testing held in France this year.

Sadly, after my recent trip to the DR, and Christmas expenses, I bought only dry-packed, roasted chestnuts to use in Christmas Eve's dinner. Look for them in the upcoming FEAST OF THE YEAR, DEC 24TH!

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