Monday, January 3, 2011

Mr. Potato, How I Adore You

      As I started the 100-mile challenge completely un-prepared, the loyal potato crop has kept me going for 3 days. Combined with eggs, canned peppers we did over the summer and a carrot or two, I've managed to survive into the school-week. Of course I knew this would get difficult when I was back in class, facing a long day of school, countless cookies and muffins stashed in every corner and pre-packaged lunches flanking my 'weenie'-potato tart.  
      I'm no veteran at this point, but I'm coming to appreciate the pantry-staples that allow so many possibilities in the kitchen. Flour means bread and crackers and flapjacks. Add some more potato and you get potato bread, add some dairy and we get potato soup, add cheese into the equation..... this is my mindset right now. I only just got flour today after sourcing out a local grower. I had great faith in one company that would supply flour, grain and beans, but to my dismay I learned that they are 'going under'. Darn! Lucky I was able to find an alternative and get straight to bread making as soon as I returned home.
        Is the hunger from post-holiday gluttony or 50% potato-nutrition? I just don't know. Things are looking up! Can't wait to do a first day to last day comparison of the challenge.
       I'm still anticipating a mega-market visit on Saturday. It will be nice to get some variety in vegetables. Potatoes and beets are getting a little old. I was also fortunate to find milk at the same place I got flour. Hurray! For a girl who's grown up on bland, watery, imported "city milk," all I can say about the local farm-country WOW! It might just be the best milk I've ever had. For those who have had or currently have the benefit of real (I mean the good-stuff) kind of milk, you're a lucky Son of a Gun!  Oooooh! My bread's done rising, I have to go!




  1. Claire, the blog is looking fantastic! Keep up the great work :)