Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nom Nom Nom....

Yummy days, yummy days....
With all my new supplies, this 100 mile thing is a breeze! I've decided to embrace the 99% rule and not deny myself the right to use products like yeast, rennet, etc... If a lady has gone to the work of growing her own cucumbers, pickling them with local vinegar and salt, but uses a tablespoon of non-local sugar, does that mean I should reject her notable efforts in staying as close to home as possible? I don't think so. I've stuck to my guns when it comes to sourcing local flour, eggs, vinegar, oil, and more. The first 2 weeks were rather boring when it came to meal choice, but now that I have a plethora of ingredients to work with, I'm back to eating well! This is a collection of pictures of the various meals I've been eating....
1. Baked Apples with Honey & Yogurt
2. Mushroom Souflee with Butter Potatoes
3. Grilled Cheese (homeade bread) with sour cream for dipping, preserved corn salad and apples
4. Bean Medley with Chopped Dumplings
5. Oxtail Stew (made with homemade stock) w/ beets and squash & Homemade Bread
6. My fourth loaf of bread in 3 weeks - They're looking and tasting better! :)

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