Saturday, January 29, 2011

You Voted...

With my plethora of apples in the cold cellar I had to get rid of them some how! The majority of votes this week were in favour of the iconic apple crisp. It wasn't too difficult to re-invent the classic casserole dish. I just subbed honey for the sugar and didn't use any sweetener in the crust (honey or maple syrup would make it soggy), instead choosing to serve it with sweetened honey after it was finished. I used Red Prince apples because I find they hover perfectly on the line between holding their shape and mushing to apple sauce. I wanted an apple neither to firm nor to soft and these were perfect! Combined with honey, flour (and you could use cinnamon) with a topping of oats, flour and butter this was a simple dessert that really showcased the star local ingredients. The apples were so sweet and the oats so flavourful, that I didn't have to help them out too much with other ingredients. I also made apple sauce this weekend as well as apple wrings which have all been preserved and have found their way onto on of the shelves in the cold cellar. Hurray for apples!

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