Saturday, February 12, 2011

On to Ottawa...

This week I'm in Ottawa for a few days at anOntario Student Trustee's Association (OSTA) conference. By default, I haven't been able to source local food as much as I would have liked. Long, 10 hour days and mandatory networking events have proved to be a barrier in finding local hot-spots for farm-fresh foods. However, I must say, I'm enjoying my little 'break' from the 100-mile rules I've been following so diligently for about a month and a half now. This isn't to say this is the first time I've had an unavoidable exemption from the rules. The occasional trip out of town or sleepover has had a few 'cheats.' It's lovely to taste ginger again or experience the delicate crisp of phyllo pastry. Local cuisine (especially that which is made in a rush) tends to be bulky and the very opposite of delicate food - especially in the winter! Think porridge, oatmeal, hard-wheat bread, homemade pasta, eggs, squash, potatoes, cabbage, etc. When summer comes around, hopefully this will change. Mom has been understanding and seemed to be very amused when I tasted chocolate for the first time since December. I'm finding that I have a (new) very low-tolerance for sweet foods and rich items. I ate 3 pieces of chocolate and was overwhelmed. I ate a little popcorn and was surprised to taste how salty it was... and not the same saltiness as bakala (salted cod) but a different type of salty - processed salty. In terms of physical differences, I have this feeling of being 'junkie' on this inside... though perhaps this is a mental reaction. I find my skin isn't as clear as it was three days ago, and I've been hitting the gym to chase away the fatigue that I seem to feel inevitably after each restaurant/hotel meal. The minute I hit home again, I'll be back on the 100-mile diet and I think my body will thank me. It's amazing what a difference I feel after just 43 days of the 100-mile challenge! The upside to this whole situation is that, as a province, us student trustees are working to implement programs like the "Bottled-Water-Free" campaign by Development and PeaceDetermined to Develop in Malawi, as well as GSA's (Gay-Straight Alliances) in schools, especially catholic schools to promote equity and inclusion. So my justification is such - my socially just, environmental awareness on the 100-mile diet has been transfered to other socially just, environmental causes, thus balancing the socially just, environmental scale. .....Perhaps a little too analytical, but it helps me ignore the guilt I feel with every bite of non-local food. And anyways, it's not about when you 'cheat' on this challenge, rather the delicious non-local food you get to eat 95% of the time.

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