Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Squash Rocks!

- They're versatile
- There are hundreds of varieties
- They are sweet & savory
- They have great texture
- They are very healthy and loaded with vitamins
- They are great at carrying flavours of herbs/spices
- They are a great base, or 'bulker' to many dishes


..Just a few of the reasons I love squash so much. This time I made a nice spice blend with some ingredients my family and relatives have brought me from their travels through Africa. Thank goodness for that particular 100 mile rule! I used coriander, cumin, garahm masala, cardamom, salt and chili. I cubed a kabocha squash (with much effort I should add). I used a pestal and mortar to grind the spices and then toasted them in some sunflower oil on a cookie sheet for just a few minutes. I did this to create a paste which would then spread evenly over the chunked squash. I roasted everything for about 40-50 minutes at 400 defrees F. The result was a crispy, caramelized, spicy outer shell with a sweet, soft, squashy inside. And the texture was spot on! Exactly what I wanted. This is the perfect example of how cheap and easy food can become extremely indulgent.

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