Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Great Crepe Debate

Crepes vs. Pancakes...
Well, for the moment, I'm stuck using local hard-wheat flour, so neither of my creations were as dainty or fluffy as would have been nice. For the moment, no answer on the question. However, in the meantime, some tasty looking pictures...


  1. I never had a hard wheat flour pancake.

    How does it taste?

    As a local Ontario farmer, we appreciate your determination to continue the local diet and support the local farmers.

    Keep up this great challenge!

  2. Hi Jay!

    I would say they have a pleasant "wheaty" taste... which probably isn't the best way to describe them. Where regular pancakes have a fluffy, sweet, white-bread kind of taste, these ones were kind of like a denser, whole-grain bread kind of version.

    And thank you for the support! Much appreciated. Summer is going to be a lot more fun, I can't wait!