Saturday, April 9, 2011

This Week's Market Stop

- Bone-in chicken thighs
- 2 chicken carcasses for making stock
- a dozen free run, organic eggs
- 2% harmony organic milk
- 90% local rye bread
- living tender, baby kale
- living pea shoots (score of the week!)
- living cilantro
- plan yogurt
- mutsu apples
- 1 lb of lean bacon
- 3 year old, local aged cheddar


  1. Hey Claire - have you tried growing your own pea sprouts? It's super-easy & sooo nice to have fresh stuff right in the house this time of year when the pickings are slim. I've been loving mine - just growing them in a tray of potting mix under a light. I've cut them 3x already & they keep coming back!

  2. That's a wonderful idea Angie!! I'm going to try it. I have sprouting seeds/bean mixes (recommended by Little City Farms) but the pea shoots were so delicious I'll take your advice :)