Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Springtime Market Sock


After months of potatoes, cabbage, barley and the rest, spring flavours are much anticipated in our house. Finally, asparagus was ready for harvest and I bought a few pounds at the farmer's market on Saturday. Greens like spinach, dandelion and mesclun mixes (although purchasable thanks to greenhouses, over the winter) are back! Small amounts of fresh herbs like basil and chives can be purchased (for a higher price than in summertime) and make a welcome addition to meals which have been growing bland from months of cold. For this particular dinner I bought a pound of lamb shoulder, browned it with onions and carrots, then barely covered it in lamb stock and dry herbs and let it braise all afternoon. One cooked, I let the sauce reduce to a nice, syrupy consistency, almost glazing the shredding meat. Served with fingerling potatoes, wilted greens, asparagus and a simple, apple/rhubarb chutney, this was a welcomed start to warmer weather.


  1. After years of saying I should try fiddleheads, I finally got around to making some as a simple side dish. We thought they might be more like rapini (which we enjoy) but they were just lovely without tasting like anything else.

    Spring food is just yum. Glad to see you're getting some more variety.

  2. Absolutely! You're right, they're like nothing else. If the colour green had a flavour, in my opinion, it would taste exactly as a fiddle head does. That's my best shot at describing the taste.
    Long awaited are all the beautiful greens summer will bring. Rapini - one of my personal favourites ;)