Saturday, June 25, 2011

Greens Galore!

Spring is the time of year for all things green! Sprouts, lettuce, peas, asparagus, asian-greens, green-herbs...
After a winter of beans, cabbage, meats and starchy foods, I'm utterly content to slip into herbivore bliss.
Our CSA pickup at Fertile Grounds this week was (in excitement level) similar to Christmas morning.
The 100-mile diet has never seen it so good.
I've been munching away on salads everyday, and have been throwing fresh dill, cilantro, summer-savory, rose-merry, basil, thyme, parsley, oregano and tarragon into pretty much everything.
TGIS --> Thank God it's Spring!



  1. A couple of your recent photos inspired my supper tonight: The last sweet potato roasted with thyme then carmelized with maple syrup; poached eggs with wilted arugula & grainy mustard; slice of Karin's olive/rosemary bread on the side. Mmmmmm....

    Thanks again for your help today! Looking forward to doing market with you next Saturday.

  2. That sounds delightful Angie!!
    Love cooking sweet potatoes that way :)
    No problem, I had a blast and a proud farmer's-tan to show off, haha.
    See you soon.
    (I might be helping with the honey bees next week...)