Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beans on Toast

Okay, so not exactly the British version of Boston-style baked beans smeared on a good slice of toasted bread, but I love this just the same. I take dried white beans (Canellini or "navy" beans) and soak them over night to reduce the cooking time. Once they have doubled in size, throw in a pot of salted boiling water and cook until tender and drain. In the same pot, fry some chopped thyme, rose-merry and/or oregano (any hearty herb) in oil and immediately toss the drained beans in before the herbs burn. Reduce the heat and add a few dollops of creme fraiche or sour cream or heavy whipping cream. Salt and pepper generously.
Serve these beans on a thick slice of farmer's bread and top with whatever green you fancy.
I used some sauteed swiss-chard, but kale, arugula or pea tenders would be nice too.

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