Friday, July 1, 2011

Step by Step Farmer's Cheese

While this is not professional cheese of any kind, I really enjoy making it and use it as a 100-mile substitute for ricotta. Use it pasta dishes (ie: cannelloni) , on bread, hor dourves, etc. It can be made out of any kind of milk, I used goat's this time.
It does not contain any rennet, just milk, an acid, salt, and herbs if you like...
Essentially, bring a high fat milk (3% +) to a scald, pour in a few splashes of vinegar or lemon juice and let the curds/whey separate. Remove the mixture from heat and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Using a cheesecloth and colander, strain the mixture and squeeze out the excess whey (you can save the whey if you like and use it in baking). Salt the mixture and press it into a salted dish. Pack it down and wrap it tightly to keep in the fridge. I find it is best to eat after a day or two when it has stiffened and cuts more easily.


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