Saturday, August 6, 2011

National BBQ Day

A lovely lady named Anne (who read the recent newspaper article) emailed me about a national Barbecue contest. On August 6th, Meal Exchange hosted the 2nd annual "National BBQ Day," where grillers around the country rolled up their sleeves to cook local food for their friends and family. --> . The winner receives two Westjet tickets anywhere the airline flies.
Being at the family cottage on lake Huron, I was out of my element finding local foods. Back in Waterloo region, I  know where to buy what, on which days and from who. This contest presented a wonderful challenge because it forced me to learn about the local food system in the Saugeen Shores. With a very helpful neighbour Heather, supporting parents, and a nudge & wink from the townsfolk, I managed to pull together a 100-mile diet barbecue. I met new farmers, made new friends and even got a bushel of basil leaves for $1.00 along the journey!
Highlights of the meal were corn & spicy beef tamales, pork belly with plum chutney and fruit tarts with pastry cream and a rosemary jelly.
*In case you're wondering, the last photo where we have all of our hands us... it's the group counting too 100, to stand for the "100-mile challenge." Awe






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