Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beautiful Heirlooms

I had the pleasure of helping Angie from Fertile Grounds CSA at the Kitchener farmer's market again today. So many wonderful vegetables and fruits are at peak season right now and it was quite the sight to see! The tables were dancing with colour, flavour and freshness. Angie has been winning the fight against blight with the tomatoes this year (last year wasn't so successful) and the results are big, beautiful tomatoes of many varieties, bursting with flavour. In the top picture I am holding a "striped German" tomato. It has a yellow and pink marbled flesh and the sweetest taste. Being able to eat such rare varieties of vegetables is one of the biggest incentives to buying local or belonging to a CSA, in my opinion. Because heirloom vegetables are often too delicate and expensive to transport and sell at large chain grocery stores, you just can't buy them at the supermarket. For example, these 1-2lb tomatoes are rarely grown in bulk and have a very short shelf-life (their downfall). They are at their peak for only a few days and must be stored upside down on their "shoulders" to prevent from bruising. Being "high maintenance" ensures their absence from mainstream stores. However, if you  venture out of the store isles and into a market where local food has been picked less than 2 days before, you'll be graced with vegetables label-free, sans-packaging and out-of-this-world delicious taste!



  1. This is so true! My kids and I grew heirloom tomatoes this year, and attempted to share with my parents and inlaws. They weren't used to the appearance and weren't interested, but my parents finally tried some this week and were pleasantly surprised. Also disappointed that they missed out on 6 weeks of wonderful tomatoes from our garden!
    Also, love your blog!

  2. You grew some yourself!? I'm impressed! :D
    Way to go Dawn! I would have gobbled them up if I were your neighbour...probably would have sneaked a few of them without permission actually, haha.
    And thank you very much :)