Sunday, September 4, 2011

Canning Chili Sauce

Thanks so much to Karla Kerrigan and her mom for this one!
With a free Sunday afternoon and a bushel of paste tomatoes, I set about making chili sauce.
It's round #3 of the tomato battle: 1st was 5 bushels of whole, canned tomatoes; 2nd was tomato salsa and now...
While I had to adjust and tweak the recipe to suit the 100-mile challenge, the result was spectacular! Mine was not quite a ketchup consistency, rather halfway between Tabasco sauce and a tomato sauce. Upon first taste, it is sweet, rich and tomato-ey, but then a powerful kick comes in from the scotch-bonnet peppers, all rounded off by the lingering taste of spices (celery, mustard, bay and I used cinnamon too). I also pureed mine at the end for a perfect sauce consistency. Considering what I plan on using it for, it made sense:
With about 10 small jars canned and a few larger ones, I expect to be using them all winter long as a sauce for meat, a smear on toast, a spicy drizzle to finish soups, an addition to salsa and much more! While I've been dreading the end of summer and months of potatoes and cabbage again, with cans of this sauce in the cold cellar, I'm excited to make winter meat dishes. Think - tender meatloaf with a spicy chili sauce coating :)

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